Featured: The Start of Something New

A few days ago (well more like 10, actually) was our six month wedding anniversary. Six months. Exciting?! Well yes, of course. But also remarkable. We have nearly nothing to account for the past six months aside from photographs and another cat. In preparation for marriage, we had decided to take on quite a few new adventures. And no, not the kind of adventure that involves a midnight drive to buy cake (although this has happened on at least one occasion). Adventures such as exploring new forests, road trips to unfamiliar lands, trying new experiences, and a blog. Wait, a blog?

As insignificant as a blog may sound to some people, we think we need somewhere to document our escapades and ever-growing family. By capturing the moment and documenting the small things, we hope to help ourselves remember all the laughs we’ve had along the way, rather than just our starting point and final destination. Somewhere along the way, we’ve both become so caught up with where we’re going, that we’ve forgotten the small things that have so much potential to bring more joy into our lives.

Now all this mumble jumble does lead somewhere; to this blog actually. A blog for all our adventures, stories, and additions. A place for friends to explore with us. And most importantly, a place for all our memories.

After all, we are just a couple of happy folks!


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