Thoughts | Purpose

Written by Nadine Pelletier

What is our purpose? A question that we’ve asked ourselves to no avail. Maybe we should start by understanding what purpose is? Is purpose actually preconcieved, or do we decide what we identify with most and create meaning through our values? Our identifiers and culture are largely influenced by many things including our upbringing, our wellness, our relationships, and our circumstances. But if our identifiers and values are so shaped by society, do our accomplishments reflect ourselves or our society? Some may argue that we have the ultimate decision to decide our own actions in our lives. While I agree that we may make our own decisions, we also live in a culture that places so much importance on being right and doing the right thing. Therefore, do we not (at least unconsciously) consider what others would think of our decisions before we solidify them, and does that not in turn influence them? We both have done our best to increase our self awareness around ourselves to understand our values, wishes, goals, and fears, and how much of them are just reflection of our experiences and relationships. One resounding issue that we’re often faced with is defining our success as individuals, as a couple, and as a family. Is success money? Love? Acceptance? Education? Happiness? Maybe success if a state of mind that we achieve when we’ve believe we’ve completed what we’re supposed to do. Maybe in a culture whete we strive to be different than the people around us, we’re actually so similar that we are left grasping at the slight differences and developing them until we feel successful.

No matter how we define it, we want big things for ourselves. Although we can be grateful for our insights, learnings, experiences, and honours, we are constantly swimming in an ocean of ambition, sometimes without the slightest idea of how to accomplish them. We hope to voice and write down our ambitions and plan how to better achieve them. We may have once believed that our purpose was fixed, but we understand now that even if we’re influenced by society, our lives are in our own hands.

We may not know where we’re going, but that’s okay. We love spending time together as a family. We are striving for stability and careers that meet our interests. We are learning how to create balance. We live off of enjoyable or new experiences. We are learning to treat ourselves with kindness. And we will always be striving for better for ourselves, each other, and our little family. What more could we ask for?


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