A New Car

Now, I’m not saying that our old vehicles are short on funny stories to tell around the dinner table, all I’m saying is that the new one is pretty great.

Nadine and I have been together for 2.5 years and married for about 9ish months. And for all of that time we have used vehicles purchased and graciously lent to us by Nadine’s family. Most notably and recently, we drove a 2001 cavalier for nearly two years. Calzona (yes we named her) was tough and durable. She was also older and had a few issues (brake pads, alternator, exhaust pipe) to fix during our time with her. And each time the car broke down we cursed ourselves for burdening Nadine’s family and swore that we would buy a new car soon.

Calzona on her last day with us.

And then the day came. May 30th. During the drive home from work the usual clanking of the loose pipe under the car made me crack. That night I applied to a dealership. The next day they phoned me and before we knew it we had picked out an SUV.

Cue the next vehicle: a 2016 Grey Mitsubishi RVR. We have yet to find a name that suits the amount of reliability, relief, and comfort that it has brought our family. (I voted we call it Wanda but Nadine has yet to agree). For the first few weeks, we couldn’t believe it was ours. It felt surreal that we didn’t have to worry about breaking down on the way to work anymore and adventures to local hiking spots were no longer anxiety-ridden. As we got used to driving it, we were shocked to discover that the gas mileage is almost identical to Calzona. Additionally, Albus (our Golden Retriever) has so much more room and two windows all to himself! Although it’s not without its fair share of commitment and hard work, our new car was a positive change for us and a huge step in the right direction!

Although, there are times where we still chuckle about the fun times with the ole 2001. Memories of Nadine confusing a nearly identical red cavalier as ours; then attempting to unlock it’s trunk (unsuccessfully) as the actual owner walked towards us. Memories of ordering fast food at drive thru’s, only to have to yell into the speaker to be heard over the car motor. All those who marveled at the pipe nearly on the ground as we sped down the highway. We brought both Farfal and Albus home in the car. We arrived at our wedding in the car. Nonetheless, we intend on creating even more (and better) memories with this new vehicle.



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