Albus Turns One

July 7th 2017. We have long anticipated this day. The day where our puppy is no longer a puppy. The day where we must now tell people that we own a dog. What even is a dog? How does a dog act? Albus still zooms around the house like a puppy so is he really a dog?

So here was how we planned the day. Yes, we planned a day around his birthday. It is a birth-day, you know.

6 Six

Al’s Birthday Schedule:

Night Before: Bonfire with pup friend Mack.

Morning: Photoshoot & presents.

Afternoon: Visit Global Pet Foods & pick out a treat.

Evening: Sing happy birthday and indulge in a special birthday cookie.

1 One

Albus hated the party hat but loved all of the food and attention. Everybody who seen him in the hat got quite the giggle, too. He also received new toys and even one that squeaks (his favourite)!



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