Summer Firsts

It is crazy how fast time goes by! This summer has felt exceptionally full of new experiences and things for our family. I have decided to create a list (with lots of photos) of our summer firsts! So here it goes:

It was Nadine’s first (and possibly only) university graduation! Congratulations, gorgeous – philosophy and leadership have never been as well represented as they are by you! Photographs here.

1 One

We purchased our first car! Post here.


It was my first-time strawberry picking. #lovedit


Our friend Brittany got her first pup, Mack! Photos here.

11 Eleven

It was Al’s first birthday! Post and photos here.

4 Four

It was Al’s first time swimming this summer. And of course, he loved it! He did get exhausted at times and took to hugging (yes hugging) Nadine instead of swimming to shore to take a break.

July 4

It was our first time canoeing and we did not flip the boat!



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