About Us

IMG_0461Farfel Irene is a strong-willed black cat that has a white tuxedo patch on his chest and the attitude of a thousand panthers. He loves sitting on the porch, sunbathing, and occasional cuddles (but only when he informs you that he wants them). Not only is he our oldest, but he’s also considered the king of this household. He regularly comes out of his latest sleeping spot(s) to supervise everyone and ensure his house is still in order.



Albus Dumblefluff is a fun-loving, energetic, 8 month old Golden Retriever who loves long walks outside, a good game of tug-of-war, and all the food his hoomans will allow him to have. He’s considered the family goofball, and was probably last seen giving us big smiles while getting belly scratches.


IMG_5078Lenny Orbitz is our latest new addition, and is a grey cat with a white belly and paws. Like Farfel, Lenny is also adopted. He’s quite shy around new people and other animals, but he has blown us away with his progress in the last few months as he adapted to Farfel (and Farfel to him). We’ve come to know Lenny as our little snuggle-bug, as he soaks up cuddles and pets any time we offer them to him.

Heather is a passionate, ambitious hooman that is constantly trying to better herself and her family. She is constantly opening herself up to new ideas and worldviews, and loves expanding her horizons in unimaginable ways. In her spare time, Heather is often seen taking photo shoots, cuddling the pets, jamming out to music, or mixing things up within the household.

My Sunshine
Nadine is the emotional rock of the household. She places high importance on family, adventures, and self-achievement, and thus is often found planning (or scheming as Heather calls it) the next great quest. Nadine is always ready to offer a hug or pep talk to anyone in need. Her huge heart is what holds the family together, although admittedly it can also get her into a tight jam. Ironically, Nadine was also the recipient of a heart transplant in 2012 due to complications of an enlarged heart. In her spare time Nadine adores poetry, art, and literary works.